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Christmas tree with red berries

Green Christmas: my husband and I choose an artificial tree

How to choose the pine for Christmas tree and decorate it? First of all the question is: artificial or real live? My husband and I are environmentalists and so we have always chosen an artificial pine. We are sure it's the right choice. Artificial pine is used for many years and our woods are protected. Your tree may be little or great. Everyone chooses pine according to his needs. How to decorate it depends on everyone's taste too. Below you can see a little Xmas tree with red berries.

Little artificial Christmas tree decorated with red and orange berries
Little Christmas tree with red berries

You'll need

  • - Little artificial tree
  • - Artificial red berry branches
  • - Artificial orange berry branches
  • - Bits of cotton wool
  • - Scissors or nippers

How to decorate a little pine with red berries for Holiday Season

I chose a decoration that remembers me a pine in the wood when it is snowing.

  • - Choose artificial branches with red and orange berries.
    It would be better every branch is different.
    Your Christmas tree will be different according to the prospect from which it is seen.
  • - Look at the photo and its enlargement for more details.
  • - Use nippers if branches are too long and you have to trim them.
  • - Use bits of cotton wool spread on the treetops for a snowy effect.
  • - No twinkling lights, so electric energy is saved.
  • - Next year you will be able to use the same ornaments for a similar Christmas tree or for other Christmas decorations such centerpieces, great Christmas balls hanging from the ceiling ...

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