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Italian Christmas tree decorating ideas

It's not Christmas without a Christmas tree. When we open the box with all the old ornaments to decorate our pine tree and house, it is always a moment of joy. Holiday season is coming! But if it's nice to exhibit again everything that has always been with us, it's also gratifying to add something new or even change the look of our Christmas tree, using the old ornaments for other home decorations. Look at all our craft ideas to make.

Christmas tree decorated with crystals, feathers, brown balls
Christmas tree in fashion

Useful tips if you have to start from scratch

Christmas trees may be of different shape and size. The new needs of space have often required alternative choices in recent years.
So now there are also half trees on the wall or so small trees they can be put on a table. On the contrary there are upside down pines, on the wall or hanging from the ceiling for large areas.
Pine trees can be green in the tradition, snowy or frost according to the latest fashion, black, white, mustard yellow, brown, red, even pink and blue ...
Decorations are now endless. There are not only the classic balls. Now you can choose among feathers, flowers, houses, butterflies, gnomes, fairies or wooden, crystal or stuffed animals ... The colors are dizzying: all white, pink and silver, blue and green, red and gold (the best), brown ... But the most beautiful, especially if you have children, is Christmas tree that tells a story or plays with them.
On this page you can find many new ideas!

What kind of D.I.Y. Christmas tree decorating ideas are you looking for?

The new trends in Italy

How to decorate snowy leafless Christmas tree

simple to do decorating idea for leafless tree for Christmastime

If you have little time to decorate your house for Christmas, here's a simple and quick to do idea. You need a leafless tree, little balls and a LEd string lights.

White pine and pink ornaments

White pine with pink ornaments

It's difficult to decorate a white pine. Do you agree? I do not like the combination white and red. And pink? what about it?

New colors

New colors for Christmas tree

As I've just written, brown in all its nuances is very fashionable for Christmas decorations. You can find crystals and feathers too, well combined. Exactly what you can find in this example.

Twisted feather boa

Twisted Christmas tree

What about it? It is very beautiful according to me, isn't it? This spiral tree with fashionable colors and few decorations is minimalist. It's already a real ornament by itself with very few balls. A feather boa forms a spiral around anything! Joking aside, creating it is much easier than you might think ;)

All in white

Christmas tree with white ornaments

This page is a guide for all people who want to decorate their Christmas tree with white ornaments. What to do and what is best not to do.
I assembled my pine tree in 8 different ways to show you better my opinion and experience.

Eco friendly

Eco friendly Christmas tree

This is one of the latest Christmas decorations of mine and I'm sure environmentalists will like it. Do not throw away your plastic bottles or milk bricks. They can become beautiful ornaments for Holiday Season. Above all, its cost is ... zero!

D.I.Y. Christmas balls

Hand decorated, jewel effect

christmas ball hand decorated, jewel effect

They are really very beautiful and make any Christmas tree or decoration very special and personal. I teach you how to make them with different designs and materials.

Felting projects

Handmade Christms ball with felted wool

Felted wool, cords, small Christmas ornaments and little else are necessary to do these very unique and different-from-usual balls. For lovers of manual skills and sobriety in Holiday decorations.

How to decorate the old family pine in a new way

With dried orange slices

Orange decorated Christmas tree

For people who love natural ornaments. I also suggests how to dry oranges in this page. Once the Holidays are over, oranges can be placed in the separate waste collection but in the meantime you have perfumed your house especially during their preparation ;)

With red berries

Christmas tree with red berries

Colored berries are traditionally associated with winter and Christmas. It's easy to see them on a pine tree. Place cotton wool or artificial snow too to simulate snow. If you choose berries in different color the tree has different colors depending on the angle from which you look at and it is very charming.

With bead little strings

Mini Christmas tree ornaments made from beads

In modern houses space is often very limited and you must have imagination to create beautiful decorations. These bead strings are easily made by hand. The beads I used are cheap but very colorful.

With pom-poms

Christmas tree ornaments you can make with your children

Tell the truth, this is very unusual here's a DIY ornament you can make with your leftovers of wool: nice pom-poms. What about it?

With monograms

Christmas balls with monograms

These Christmas balls are personalized. Simply draw the initials of your name and surname or company. It may be an idea to decorate not only your home but your office or shop too.

The DIY tree for adult and expert hands

Handmade little tree with pot pourri

Handmade little Christmas tree with pot pourri

The materials I used are quite common: foam cone, berries in different colors and then pot pourri to put around. A sweet decoration for all your pieces of furniture. All done strictly by hand.

Felt little tree with snow crystals

Felt Christmas tree with snow

This is an idea for sewers and lovers of crafts with felted wool. Ideal for people who like simple, not glittered decorations, in harmony with nature.

When the shape is very different from the classic pine

The tree sapling

Trimmed pine decorated for Christmas

A little trimmed pine tree in a pot can be decorated at low cost. It takes up little space and is ideal for your front door or to embellish the entrance door of a store or a office. Even better if you have a couple of them.

Welcoming little tree

Welcoming Christmas tree

DIY Holiday Tree in the truest sense of the word! You'll need: a floral foam ball, another floral foam  for the base, a bamboo pole, flowers, berries, holly ... whatever your fancy suggests. Fine way to decor your entrance, hall or even shop or office.

Little tree for winter

Welcoming Christmas tree

Once the Holidays are over, your tree sapling of the previous box can be partially transformed into a beautiful winter decoration. Read all my tips ...

The faggot

Handmade decoration for faggot at holiday season

This is a new idea that we Italians look a lot in the houses, offices, shops ... If it is well decorated, it is very nice to see ;)

The wicker basket

The wicker basket

If you have an old basket (it is also very easy to buy it in a wicker shop) it may be a good idea adobe it with winter flowers, leaves and fruits.

The gold net

golden net for an unusuual Christmas tree

Imaginative, elegant and, above all, different from the usual, right?

A beautiful golden net forms a spiral and accommodates unique roses as ornaments. What do you think about?

The panel on the wall

Christmas tree on the wall

Another idea for anyone who must fight with the space. A panel on the wall where you can hang gradually everything that is Xmas for you, including greeting cards.

Children's craft ideas

Easy to do ornaments, games and fairy tales

Santa's tree Xmas tree with birds Christmas tree with Santa's house images Xmas tree with balls decorated with decoupage technique Christmas tree for fairies Christmas tree with bells

Our Christmas trees for kids are really very special. They can be decorated with very easy to do ornaments (especially paper, glue, beads or other materials easily handled by their hands) or they are related to a game or a fairy tale.