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Long and narrow Xmas decoration with flowers

How to adorn a long and narrow place for Holiday Season

What I propose is ideal for a piece of furniture as you can see in the photo but I also find it useful for those who want to decorate the window of their shop at the base or the mantel at home.
The important thing is the idea and then the technique. So you can choose the stuff right for you even among those already a bit old and that you would like to recycle ;))

Long Xmas decoration with flowers
Handmade long Xmas decoration

You'll need

  • - A base (a bundle of twigs, a sponge for flowers ...)
  • - 2 branches of wildberries
  • - Silk cyclamen leaves and flowers
  • - White silk roses
  • - Little golden ferns
  • - Little branches of pine
  • - 2 white silk ribbons
  • - 2 red velvet ribbons
  • - Artificial snow
  • - Iridescent and golden flakes
  • - Spray glue

How to make a DIY Christmas decoration for a limited space at home, office or shop

  • - Spray glue on branches, leaves and flowers and then sprinkle at first iridescent and golden flakes and then artificial snow.
    Let dry for some minutes.
  • - Insert wildberry branches at the ends of the base you've chosen.
  • - Tie up your ribbons, alternating the two colours.
  • - Then insert all other stuffs.
    Begin with pine branches and go on with leaves, flowers and ferns.
  • - Look at all photos for more details.
  • - If leaf and flower stalks are enough long, you can insert them into the base without using glue. In this way you can use all these stuffs for other decorations.
  • - If you do not use golden and iridescent flakes, you can keep this decoration at home for all winter!

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