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Furniture Christmas decorations

Some people like so much Holiday Season not to be satisfied only with the traditional decorated pine tree or wreath or nativity scene; they wish to decorate other corners of their house. But there are also a lot of people who have large areas or special occasions to plan; therefore they are forced to do something more. In this page you can find many ideas for DIY decorations for furniture, easy to make.

Red Christmas decoration made by hands
Red Christmas decoration

DIY Christmas decorations for your home, office and shop

On this page I have collected my craft ideas to decorate various corners of your home, office or shop for the Holiday Season. There are silk flowers arrangements in crystal vases suitable for tables or shop windows. Or nice decorations with bundles of twigs or bamboo for smaller spaces. Some ideas to adorn long, narrow areas, even fireplace shelves. An idea to fill a jar with Christmas branches that decorates strategic corners immediately. There is a classic cornucopia, a symbol of good luck and abundance.
I also use decoupage technique to decorate boxes or plates as ornaments or gifts.

Our projects to decorate every corner of your house at holiday season

Let's begin with Christmas flower arrangements

Bamboo and silk flowers

Simple diy holiday ornament for fireplace

This DIY decoration is simple to do and nice to see. Ideal for small areas, it can also be chosen as a centerpiece. Why not?

Decorated basket

decorated basket

Even a small rustic wicker basket can become a beautiful Christmas decoration. Just choose how to fill it well! Make it with wooden box for fruit too.

silk flowers in vase

Christmas flower arrangement for Holiday season

I like very much this crystal vase filled with silk flowers, properly prepared for Holiday season. It is very refined and elegant and perfect for a table or a dresser

Silver branches in amphora

Christmas arrangement made with silver and pine branches

If you have an amphora this may be a fairly new idea to decorate your house, shop or office. I have made it ​​with silver, green and snowy branches as you can see on the photo but it can also be made with combinations of other colors according to your own taste or furniture style.

White arrangement with fairy lights

White arrangement for Christmas, new decoration idea

The photo unfortunately does not give you the idea of ​​the beauty and elegance of this composition made with branches, crystals and lights. It is not necessary to use classic flashing lights. Now there are very small, white lights which are powered by batteries. They are perfect for this kind of Christmas decoration. Place it on a dresser or other large furniture.

Silk flowers and beads

Silk flowers and beads

The combination of silk flowers and beads is very beautiful and fashionable. In the page you can find two handmade decorations with different colors that will enhance your furniture.

Flowers under the snow

Flowers under the snow

If you have a long and narrow surface to be decorated, this is the solution that might be fine for you! It is beautiful for all the winter too!

Christmas cornucopia

Christmas cornucopia decorated with Holiday's flowers, branches and fruit

This cornucopia is a wicker basket that you can fill with flowers and fruit very easily. Place it on a table, a dresser or shop window.



Some silk magnolia flowers, iridescent and green powder for petals and leaves, a ribbon, synthetic branches ... that's all! For a long and narrow surface, the fireplace shelf, a shop window ...

Flowers and fruit for kitchen

Decorazione natalizia rustica per la cucina

Two baskets, Christmas lights, a few winter branches and fruit. Here is a simple decoration for the kitchen. Many people like to live in the kitchen, it's the reason why I thought about a decorating idea for this room.

The bundle of twigs

how to decorate a bundle of twigs

Small and charming furniture ornament in red and gold color. You can use it to garnish your table too. Bundles of all sizes can now be found easily in stores or supermarkets ;)

Roses in vase

stylized christmas decoration ideas for shop

I would say this composition is very stylized but elegant and refined. If you need to decorate your shop window it is perfect. In fact I saw it in the shop window of a great stylist. There must be a sign of Holiday season but the eye should be attracted more by the goods you expose rather than a lot of decorations ;)

Snowy flowers

Christmas arrangement with snowy flowers

If you want to adobe your home with something charming this bouquet could be an idea. Enchanting with its colors and snow and ice effects. Perfect for all winter too.

And let's go on with boxes, plates, trays ...

Gold leaf technique for your trays or plates

platter decorated with gold leaf technique

The technique of gold leaf in this case is used in a different way and then the hand-decorate platter is filled with pot pourri and Christmas balls. Isn't it very beautiful and refined? And then with a few touches it turns into another decoration that you can exhibit all year.

A platter for all seasons

A platter for all seasons

This page shows you how to change the platter decorated with gold leaf technique and turn it into a decorated object to be exposed in all seasons of the year.

Jewel gift boxes

Christmas jewel gift boxes

If you have a very special small gift, you have also to think about how to wrap it. But a special gift may not be too expensive. In both cases if it is hidden in a hand-decorated box, it becomes twice as much!

Hand-decorated little boxes

Hand-decorated  Christmas boxes

These boxes are delicious as personalized gift or to hide another present too. If you also treat their inner part thay may be used as jewelry holder or for what suggests the fancy.

And now a mix of new ideas ... to recycle something old ;)

Easy and quick to do projects

handmade christmas decorations with photos

Among your old Christmas decorations there are often some beautiful objects that remind you past years. So you do not have the courage to throw them away. It 's easy to bring them to new life by creating different ornaments. Sometimes you just need a little imagination and some new purchase. Your old decorations can be recycled easily!

Very easy decorating idea

How to make an easy decoration for Christmas

This idea is really very easy to make and has another advantage: you can recycle your old Christmas tree balls! In fact, as you can see in the photo, you need only a pine garland, some apples, a chain of beads, your balls and ... you have it!

How to decorate a lantern

How to decorate a lantern

Lanterns are very trendy in Italy. Small or large. Black or white. They are suitable for lots of different Christmas solutions and don't occupy too much space. A crib? a centerpiece? the fairy's house?

DIY unusual ornament

unusual Christmas decoration

The idea of this decoration came to me when I found new Christmas tree balls covered with felt at IKEA. This is a modern decoration without excessive sparkles.

A garland with red ribbons

Red Christmas decoration for furniture

This decoration for furniture is one of my favorites because I love red. Red for me is Xmas. Its ribbons are made fabric and embellished with very cheap but effective crystal buttons. The final touch is red tulle in the center. What do you think about?