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Chianti - DOCG (GPDO)

vino rosso

  • Pair wine Chianti with:
    young Chianti are wines for all meals; if medium aged and medium-bodied are excellent for poultry; if full-bodied and aged are perfect for barbeque, roasted meat, game and seasoned cheeses

Production area of Chianti DOCG:
slopes up to 250 to 600 metres between Florence and Siena characterized by thick woods; the soil is predominantly sandstone at the higher altitudes and calcareous clay at lower altitudes
Vine selection :
Sangiovese (75-100%), Canaiolo (0-10%), Trebbiano Toscano and/or Malvasia of Chianti (0-10%), others (0-10%)
intense ruby red with maroon highlights with aging
typical, intense, of violets
dry, harmonious, slightly tannic when young, acquires softness with age
Minimum alcohol content:
11.5% (12% for the Riserva)
the Colli Senesi, Colli Aretini, Colline Pisane, and Montalbano denomination may not be released before March 1, of the year following vintage; the Colli Fiorentini, Rufina, Montespertoli and Superiore cannot be released before June 1, of the year following vintage; the Riserva must age for at least two years
Superiore and Riserva
Serving temperature of wine Chianti:
Serve the wine at: 64° - 67° Farenheit, 18° - 20° Celsius opening the bottle few hours before serving