Authentic Italian Cooking

Horse meat

Horse meat divides people. There are those who love horses so much to consider them pets and will neve be able to consider the idea of having a piece of their meat in the pot. And there are those who eat it regularly for the habits of the place or family. Once, the breeding of horses for slaughter was widespread in Italy. Today this meat comes mostly from abroad.

brasciole made with horse slices rolled up around pecorino and fat
Apulian brasciole made with horse meat

Horse meat cooking ideas

We Italians use this kind of meat both in the north and south of the country.
We have a large variety of recipes: grilled steaks, stew served with polenta, Apulian brasciole, raw meat dressed with lemon juice, salt and olive oil and so on ...
Buon appetito!

Traditional recipes

Apulian Brasciole

Apulian horse rolls

This is and Apulian dish I knew thanks to my husband. In that region people are used to cook horse rolls in tomato sauce. So they can toss orecchiette for their Sunday lunch and then eat rolls as second course in the same meal or as main dish in the evening.