Setting the table

A beautifully served table is the hallmark of a person who thinks of everything when he receives guests or organizes a banquet or simply a get-together. Therefore, your art of hospitality is shown by the way to set your table. It isn't true you have to use expensive dinner service or precious set of crystal glasses. Sometimes just two flowers of your garden but well placed are enough to enrich your table. In our section you'll be able to find a lot of ideas for centerpieces and place cards and tips for all seasons and holidays.

The best Italian wines

Cards with their features, how to match every wine to Italian recipes and full menus, favorite wineries.

Themed menus

It is always difficult to combine different recipes to plan a menu, Italy-style. We help you suggesting meals for every occasion, holiday, season (Christmas, Easter, summer, fall, spring, winter, birthday, Valentine's Day, TV snack, BBQ party, alfresco dinner ...)

Italian cooking

From antipasto (starter) to cakes or desserts, from pizza to savory cakes or pies, from pasta to rice, from meat to fish, a lot of ideas for your menus, Italian-style. They can be daily meals or full menu ideas to surprise your friends in your get-togethers or special invitations (ceremonies, birthdays, Holiday Season, Easter, Baptism, wedding ... ). Every recipe includes calories, matched wines and tips to serve.

How to celebrate at home, Italian-style

Our website is dedicated to house party planning. We are sure celebrating at home any special occasion and holidays is real important for everybody. The atmosphere we are able to create at home will leave good memories in all our guests. We Italians are known throughout the world for our conviviality and the ability to make people feel good. Enter the site and read our suggestions :))

Fairy Elle

Fairy Elle is a new fairy tale. The character is a fairy kid who lives in a pine wood together with a lot of friends (Grolla, the gnomes, Bac, Crystal, Martina, Ropus and many others). But as it usually happens when you are too brave and kind this is the best way to attract dangerous enemies like Bertha the witch and Uenena. Fairy Elle has special magic powers. For example she is able to animate the stories written by the gnomes while she is reading them to her friends. So, you mom or dad can read these stories with your child and take inspiration to create new decorations for his bedroom with him, cook, or plan a different kind of get-togethers.

Cocktail recipes

In the section dedicated to long drinks and cocktails you'll be able to find IBA cocktails, Before-dinner cocktails, After-dinner cocktails and some new cocktails of ours. A must if you need to organize a happy hour (Italian aperitivo).