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Christmas in Italy

Santa Claus reading a book
Christmas season in Italy

Everything you need to plan your big, beautiful Christmas party at home can be found here. So ... where to start?

Indoor and outdoor decorations

red Xmas decoration with pine, candle, balls and flowers

More than a hundred different decorations are awaiting you. All to be done by hand: door wreaths, trees, traditional and new ideas for decorating terraces and balconies, flower arrangements, craft ideas for children ... and fairy tales!

Table setting ideas

Blue Christmas table

It's the best season in the year and can you give up a friendly festive table? or elegant according to your occasions? You'll be able to find a lot of ideas, all Italian-style!


Refined and elegant Christmas centerpiece

Sometimes to decorate your table you do not need big expensive things, just a beautiful centerpiece made with fresh or silk flowers but well combined with your services and tablecloth.


edible placeholder

As you can see in the photo, your placeholder can be edible too! That one and other ideas for you in the directory.


pasta with lobster

Curious about our traditional and new recipes for Holiday Season? We Italians have so many dishes that in this site you can browse a lot of pages!


Christmas table with turkey roast

That succulent turkey is so inviting, right? but it is not said that traditional Christmas dish in Italy is just that. There are a lot of traditions. Some Italians have the habit of a rich fish-only dinner menu in the Eve, others prefer the lunch on Christmas day ;)

Invitation and greeting cards

greeting card for christmas

In this directory you can download cards for free and then personalize and print them. In some cases you can find them also matched to the menu cards for a perfect party planning!

All want to know on Santa

reindeer on red background

Everything about Santa Claus, really! We reveal how his house is made, what he does waiting for the longest night in the year, who helps him, who are his chefs .... and we also tell you his adventures!