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DIY fall decorations

Want to embellish your home in autumn season? here are some ideas to make with your children too!
fall decoration with fresh fruit and vegetables
Fall decoration with fresh fruit and vegetables

What's the best stuff for fall decorations?

Fall is a colored season. Let's take inspiration from the nature!
In the woods there are mushrooms, chestnuts and cyclamen and a lot of beautiful colored leaves. Between September and October, rice is harvested. Corn later. How many brides of September I have seen to use the ears of mature rice for their decorations. The vines give us bunches rich in sugar. Pumpkins in the garden are colorful.
I always prefer fresh stuff for centerpieces or arrangements of immediate use. On the contrary I choose silk flowers and synthetic products of excellent quality for longer-lasting decorations, gourds apart ;))

Here are our decorating ideas for autumn!

Silk flower arrangement in vase

silk flowers arranged in a crystal vase

It is easier than you think to arrange fresh or synthetic flowers in a vase provided you follow some simple tips.

Gourd arrangement

fall decoration made with gourds on a platter

To embellish your house in autumn can be very cheap if you use the right stuff: gourds, for example! It's enough to place a well assorted number of them on a platter or a fruit holder.