Christmas tree with oranges

Oranges to decorate your Christmas tree!

Christmas tree you see on this page is made with orange slices, orange ribbon and golden nets. It's the answer to the last decorations, coming from China, that are getting too bright, glittered and so tawdry.

christmas tree decorated with orange
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Christmas tree decorated with dried oranges

You will need

  • - Oranges
  • - Orange silk ribbon
  • - Golden close-mesh net ribbon
  • - Golden wide-mesh net ribbon
  • - Red Christmas ornaments
  • - Green florist wire
  • - Scissors


  • - Drying oranges depends on the method
  • - 1 hour to make the Christmas tree

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This year we suggest a Christmas tree with warm tonalities: gold and orange. These colors stand out very well among the green leaves of the trees.
To make it, we chose oranges that are nice and natural ornaments.

How to make Christmas tree with dried oranges

  • - The first step is drying the oranges. You can make it in two different ways.
    No food dehydrator. Cut oranges into 1/2cm-thick slices and arrange them on steel or aluminum trays to put on your radiators.
    It is a traditional method, but certainly effective.
    Turn over orange slices frequently and remove those that may have spots of mold.
    Minimum time: 2 weeks.
    Food dehydrator. It's the most effective method. Cut oranges into thin slices and arrange them in the food dehydrator.
    Follow the instructions you find inside the box.
  • - When your orange slices are dryed you can decorate your Christmas tree.
  • - Hook every orange slice to the branches of your pine using only a little of green florist wire or the ready-to-use hooks.
  • - Hide the green wire with an orange ribbon.
  • - Prepare some golden close-mesh net ribbons and arrange them on the tree alternating them with orange slices.
  • - Dispose some red Christmas ornaments too.
  • - Wind the golden wide-mesh net ribbon around the tree.

The effect is certainly nice and colorful and, most importantly, the costs are not very high!