Decorated bundle of twings

An original Xmas ornament for your home

What about this original way of decorating your home at Holiday Season? It's easy-to-do and very beautiful, isn't it? You could place it over a little table, a piece of furniture or use it as a centerpiece for a wonderful Christmas table!

a decorated bundle of twigs for christmas
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Easy-to-make Xmas decoration: a fascine with golden birds and red roses

You will need

  • - A bundle of twigs
  • - Red velvet roses
  • - Golden birds
  • - Red velvet ribbons
  • - Hot glue gun
  • - Scissors

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I usually get a bundle of twigs in a flower shop. There are fascines of all sizes.
If you don't find a ready-to-use fagot you can prepare it easily: tie up a lot of little withered tree branches with a thin green iron wire.

How to decorate a bundle of twigs for Holiday season

  • - Cover the green iron with red velvet ribbon.
  • - Arrange three golden little birds and few red velvet roses with their leaves on the top
  • - Help yourselves with some drops of hot glue
  • - Your Christmas fascine is ready! It's easy, isn't it?