A garland with red ribbons

How to decorate a pine garland for your furniture, fireplace ...

Do you have an elegant sideboard with its upstand? Here's an idea to decorate it for Holiday. A pine garland with red cloth bows and crystal buttons. Flashing Christmas lights will complete your decoration that can be hung on a wall or along stair railing too. You'll get a warm and festive atmosphere to welcome your guests and you coming back home!

christmas decorations for the house
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Christmas garland with red bows and crystal buttons

You will need

  • - An artificial garland
  • - Christmas flashing lights
  • - Little nails
  • - Nylon thread

For red bows

  • - Red cloth
  • - Red tulle
  • - Sparkling buttons or crystal buttons
  • - Vynilic glue

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Christmas garland with red bows and crystal buttons How-To

  • - Fix the garland on the top of your upstand with the help of some little nails and nylon thread.
  • - Twist the Christmas light around the garland.
    Remember the Christmas lights must be much longer than the garland.
  • - Prepare the bows. Decide their number according to the lenght of your garland.
    I've prepared 8 large ribbons and 5 smaller ones.
    Cut out some larger rectangles (80 x 8 cm - 32 x 3 1/4 inches) from the red cloth.
    Then cut other smaller rectangles (40 x 4 cm - 16 x 1 3/4 inches) from the red cloth.
    Then you have to cut red tulle into lightly smaller strips than those ones you've obtained from red cloth.
    Make the bows with the cloth strips and, in the central node of everyone, make a bow with the tulle.
    You'll use the two ends of every tulle bow for fixing it to the garland.
    At this point cut very little rectangles from the red cloth and roll up everyone around the centre of every bow. Glue the two ends together. Glue a sparkling button in the centre of this little rectangle.
    Your bows are ready. You can look at the photo for more details.
  • - At this point you have to fix every bow to the garland, alternating a large ribbon with a smaller one.
    You can also use ready-to-use ribbons or other glitter decorations.

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