Christmas decoration with bamboo and flowers

Few bamboo canes are tied together with silk flowers for a refined adobe

What about a nice-to-see and easy-to-do Xmas decoration made with bamboo canes and silk roses? Besides it's a cheap ornament, ideal for your pieces of furniture or as centerpiece too.

Bamboo with flowers
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Handmade Christmas decoration with bamboo and silk flowers

You'll need

  • - 2 bamboo canes
  • - 2 white silk roses
  • - 1 little white silk hydrangea
  • - Golden ribbon
  • - Acrylic paint paired with silk flowers
  • - Snow spray
  • - Vynilic glue
  • - Cutting nippers
  • - Brush

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This Christmas decoration is very simple but you need a couple of days to do it because you have to let it dry very well. Besides it's a low-cost decoration.
You can place it on a piece of furniture in your home or shop-window if you've got a furrier's shop or a jewelry ... But you can use it as a centerpiece too for your table. In fact it is little, it doesn't scent and you can adapt it to very kinds of table (very cool on a wooden table!).
Besides you can decorate your home or shop for all winter: you have only to change its ribbon and substitute it with a white one.

How to make a Christmas decoration with bamboo and silk flowers

  • - Cut bamboo canes into pieces of different lenght as you can see in the photo.
    You can use a little saw for making it.
  • - Remove any remaining dust from every bamboo piece.
  • - Brush acrylic paint on the half of each bamboo piece.
  • - Let them dry perfectly and then color the other half.
  • - Meanwhile cut flower stalks in order to leave a little piece that you have to insert among the bamboo canes.
  • - Then sprinkle flower petals and leaves with artificial snow here and there.
  • - Let flowers dry well.
  • - At this point make the composition of bamboo canes as you can see in the photo using glue.
  • - Insert rose and hydrangea stalks among canes using some drops of glue.
  • - Let all dry very well.
  • - Knot the ribbon and sprinkle bamboo canes with artificial snow here and there.
  • - Wait some hours before placing it where you want
  • - Your Christmas decoration is ready. It's easy to do, isn't it?