Fruit-and-flower door wreath

Christmas door decoration with silk roses and colored berries

Here's an easy-to-do, colorful Christmas wreath. To decorate your home not only for Holiday Season but all year round! Think how nice-to-see it will be in the kitchen or over a fireplace! You have only to change its ribbon with another one. Make it with your kids to enter Holiday spirit!

christmas wreath
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DIY Christmas wreath on twigs

You'll need

  • - 14inch twig wreath
  • - Little silk roses
  • - Fall silk leaves
  • - Colored berries, little acorns, pears and apples
  • - Scissors
  • - Christmas ribbon

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How to make a Christmas decoration with twig wreath

When you choose your material, be careful every little decoration has got a little piece of thin iron wire and autumn leaves are linked in a thin plastic branch. So you can fix them easily. Otherwise you have to use glue.
Look at our enlarged photo for more details!

  • - Insert all items among the twigs according to your taste.
  • - Please leve some parts of twigs weel visible as you can see on our photo.
  • - Tie the ribbon on the bottom.
  • - Your Christmas wreath is ready!