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Italian Christmas wreaths

This page is dedicated to DIY Christmas wreaths. There are several ways and techniques to decorate the classic wreath following the tradition or new trends. I know perfectly well that I'm invading a field traditionally linked to the United States and English-speaking countries but I think that, by now, even Italy has to say something about it ;)

DIY Xmas wreath to do with kids
Christmas wreath with Santa's reindeer

How to make a Christmas wreath for the main door

First of all, you can use a lot of supports: wicker, polystyrene, floral foam, pine ...
Then the ornaments too: from Christmas balls to ribbons, from silk flowers to feathers, from berries to cinnamon sticks, from puppets to pompom ...
You can prepare your holiday season wreath for children or with children.
The best techniques for making wreaths? everything you know or your imagination suggests: from decoupage to needle felted wool, from painting facilitated by templates to sewing art ...

Our DIY Christmas wreath projects

Here is the list depending on the materials used , divided by the support and ornaments

Polystyrene - sequins

christmas wreath jewel effect

If you have time and patience, a lot of patience .. you can do this particular wreath made with little beads, red and golden paillettes, modelling fabric ...

Twisted twigs - silk Fruit, leaves and flowers

Fruit and flower door wreath

Easy to do and cheerful because full of color. Replacing its ribbon, I could transfer it from the front to the kitchen door. It is still one decoration of my kitchen!

Thick iron wire - Red berries, ivy and roses

Red berry Christmas wreath

Red berries have always been fashionable at Christmas time. They remember us winter in woods.
In this case I combined red berries with silk ivy and roses.

Woven twigs - Little crib

Christmas wreath with a nativity scene

This is an easy and quick to do craft project you can make with your children too.
You do not need a lot of things and have a small Nativity scene too :))

Fresh pine - greeting cards

Wreath with greeting cards

Simple-to-do, low-cost Holiday wreath to make with your children.
Look for greeting formulas in other languages and write them on your red cards.
Easier than that ...

Foam or polystyrene - Santa's elk and other felt ornaments

DIY Christmas wreath to make with children

Made for children and with their help, telling the story of Santa's elk who waits patiently for the best night of the year when he, finally, enters into service.
Wrap a ribbon around a polystyrene wreath and secure it with a few pins. Then place balls and elk. You need no more than half an hour.

Fresh or artificial pine - Iridescent flowers and balls

Christmas wreath with purple flowers and balls

It is very easy to decorate pine. Choose the ornaments of your choice. In this case, flowers and a big ball for the center. Secure them with the aid of floral wire. The important thing is to choose and combine well colors.

Polystyrene - iridescent fabric, butterflies ...

Green and gold Christmas wreath

This however is an example of how you can play with fabrics and create something original and different. More details in the explanation.

Musk wreath - white and silver ornaments

Christmas wreath with flowers and birds

Have you ever decorated a musk wreath? It is easy and you can use it to make a lot of decorations with flowers or other items that remind nature, such as a little bird nest as I did.

And then remember there are not only Christmas wreaths for doors and walls ;)

Other door or wall Christmas decoration ideas

Moon and angels, DIY craft idea for wall or door A decorated basket to hang for holiday season Roses and hydrangeas to decorate your main door Door ornament with pine Door Christmas decoration made with pine The broom "trouble-shooting"

How about a painting, a hand-painted linen panel, a basket, a fresh or synthetic pine branch ... ?