Handmade Christmas boxes

A delicious Christmas decoration for your home, an original handmade gift ...

Looking for unusual Christmas gifts? Do you like crafts? Here's a solution: nice-to-see handmade boxes where you could hide another gift such a gorgeous cake, chocolates, tea bags or everything you want ...

handmade boxes for christmas, italian-style
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Handmade Christmas boxes

You'll need

  • - Plywood little boxes
  • - Paint for wood (DecoArt - Glitzersand or other brand)
  • - Iced pearls or other beads (Gutermann or other brand)
  • - 3D glue for foils
  • - Brushes for the paint and glue
  • - A pencil
  • - Tweezers

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handmade boxes for christmas, italian-style
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Handmade boxes for christmas, italian-style

These handmade little boxes are easy to do but be patient!
You'll need at least a couple of days to finish them.

Decorated gift box How-To

  • - Paint your boxes with the color you've chosen.
  • - Let them dry and then put on a second coat of paint.
  • - Let them dry again.
  • - You can also paint the inner part, if you want.
  • - Meanwhile think of the drawing you desire.
  • - Then trace the pattern with a pencil on the cover.
  • - Spread the glue with its brush on every line and arrange beads with the tweezers.
  • - Look at the enlarged photos for more details.
  • - Let them dry.

These boxes are very elegant for the chosen colors. They are blue and I used matching beads as you can see in the photo. But you can use contrasting colours too to have different effects.