Easy Christmas decorating idea for furniture

A pine branch, some red ornaments, red fairy lights ... easy-to-do Christmas decoration!

This Christmas decoration is very simple; you can make it in few minutes using old decorations of the previous years. But be careful! the piece of furniture where you want to place it must be near a socket. This decoration can substitute Christmas tree if you have no space.

Christmas red decoration on a piece of furniture
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Red-colored Christmas furniture decoration

You'll need

  • - A garland of artificial pine
  • - Decorated Christmas balls, red-colored
  • - Synthetic red apples
  • - Synthetic red strawberries
  • - Other red ornaments
  • - Red fairy lights
  • - Christmas red ball string

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Easy Christmas furniture decoration How-To

  • - Give the garland the shape you want: circular, ovoidal or irregular according to the suitable space and your fancy.
  • - Place it on the piece of furniture.
  • - Twist the fairy lights together with the pine branch, try to hide them.
  • - Arrange red decorations and red ball strip trying to hide the fairy lights.
  • - Your decoration is ready!
  • - Look at the image for more details and click on the photo to enlarge.