Easy and quick Christmas decoration ideas

Very easy decorations for your Christmas table, furniture, shop counter or window ...

It is not difficult to make a Christmas decoration. I'm going to explain to you how to use old Christmas ornaments to realize new decor.

platter made with little green crystals
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Platter made with little green crystals

How to make simple and quick Xmas decorations with new or old ornaments

precious centerpiece for Christmas
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Precious centerpiece for Christmas
  • - Here's my first example.
    Buy a Christmas platter.
    I used a platter made with little green crystals.
    Arrange some golden apples, glittered fruits (red and orange-colored), pine cones, a butterfly ... all that you have got with well-combined colors.
    You have a new centerpiece or a Christmas decoration for a piece of furniture!
  • - Another example with different colors.
    Paint with a golden color an old fruit stand or a cake stand.
    Arrange some pink and purple crystal grapes, pink poinsettias, blue flowers (sprinkled with iridescent color) and other flowers.
    You have a precious centerpiece for a refined Christmas table!
    It's perfect with a white table cloth and pink-colored china set.