Easy and quick Christmas outdoor decorations

How to make Christmas outdoor decorations with pine, balls and fairy lights

One of the most beautiful thing that you can see in our Italian cities during Holiday Season are our charming little balconies. They are decorated with little lighted trees or garland or other ornaments. I'm going to teach you how to make simple and quick outdoor Christmas decorations. The last decoration is more elaborated but snappy. The list of needed stuffs is or it.

Christmas decoration for the balcony
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Balcony Christmas decoration

You'll need

  • - Wire net
  • - Gilt spray
  • - Pine garland
  • - String lights
  • - Pine garland
  • - Christmas balls
  • - Ribbons
  • - Scissors
  • - Shears

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How to decorate a little balcony or portico for Holiday Season

  • - The simplest thing is to wind a pine garland around the railing together with a string lights with different emitted colors.
    If you want, you can add some Xmas balls or little bells.
  • - If you have a garden bench used to display your climbing plants, put your string ligjts there.
  • - If you have a free wall, hang there a wire net and decorate it with Xmas balls and string lights.
  • - Another suggestion. Hang parallel strings of lights on the wall or from the ceiling or, simply, led string lights.
  • - Let's go on. Buy one or two foam spheres, decorate them with pine branches and other ornaments.
    Illuminate with string lights and hang from the ceiling.
    You can use no string lights or battery-operated fairy lights.
    In this way there are no wires dangling.
  • - Look at the photo. You can see another decoration; beautiful in daylight and gorgeous at night-time!
    Get a wire net that must be four times the length of the place where you want to put it.
    Paint it with a gilt spray.
    When it is well dried, insert a string lights inside uniformly, fixing it with very little green strings.
    Then coil the net to the desidered length.
    At this point insert a long pine garland inside so that it can follow the coils
    Fix the garland too with little green strings.
    Complete the decoration with the Christmas balls you prefer and colored ribbons.
    Hang it from the ceiling.
    Your decoration is ready!
    Please, look at the photo for more details.
    If you have no time to gild the net, don't worry! Choose silver ornaments and you get another beautiful version!