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Italian outdoor Christmas decorations

Anyone who has a balcony, a terrace or a patio when holiday season arrive is captured by the temptation to illuminate or decorate it. You can find some ideas for railing, walls and ceiling on this page. We also added some tips to decorate houseplants and windowsills.

Decorated pine garland hung on the wall
Outdoor Christmas decoration on a wall

The charm of the Christmas decorations for outdoors

My husband and I love to decorate the balcony of our house. Those intermittent lights welcoming us when we return in the evening reconcile us with the world.
Besides a decorated balcony is not only beautiful from the outside but from inside the house too.

So every year we devote time and energy to this project.
More and more often we happen to recycle old ornaments that in this way find a new life. Scrolling through the various examples, you will see what I have just written.

These are our projects that, over time and using recyclable materials, we've done for ...

... terrace ceiling

Outdoor ornament to place on the ceiling of a balcony or terrace

If you've watched other Xmas decorations of this site it will be easy for you to recognize the golden net used for this decoration. It 's the same forming a spiral around an axis, with whom I created one of my firstChristmas tree that is net-tree. Excellent example of how you can recycle, in different settings, the same material.

... windowsill

Simple Christmas windowsill decoration

I have obtained this ornament easily, recycling some old Christmas balls and adding lace and zig zag. Simple, striking and economical DIY decor ;))

... indoor plants

Decorating idea for indoor plants

You'll be able to read some simple tips to decorate your indoor plants.

... window

DIY window Christmas ornament

Easy to do and nice to see, isn't it? It's enough a pine garland, red fairy lights and red ribbons with decorative buttons. This is the way my old ornaments come back to life!

... balcony ceiling with lighted Advent wreath

Outdoor lighted Christmas wreath to hang on the ceiling

The support is the same used for the similar decoration, but the result is different!

This Advent wreath is in fashion color: green and white. Which do you prefer?

... terrace wall

Lighted garland for the wall in the balcony

It runs along the wall. A pine garland decorated with berries and synthetic leaves is illuminated by very small LED lights. I had used these leaves and berries in the past to decorate my Christmas tree a lot of times. Beside the same garland is special ... Once garlands were quite narrow and not very thick. If you have the patience to weave them they revive ... Seeing is believing. Saving and recycling is a precious art!

... balcony wall, ceiling and railing

decoration idea for all the balcony

This pine garland runs on the wall and ceiling. The strength of this decoration is the double play of lights. An outdoor led rope light is combined with classic fairy lights. The effect is spectacular!

... balcony ceiling with Diy Advent wreath

DIY advent wreath on the ceiling

This Advent wreath is made ​​entirely by hand. A special idea of mine for DIY lovers. Even the support of this wreath is handmade. Its project is of my husband. Beautiful to look at, I assure you!