Christmas wreath with Santa's elk

Simple wreath that you can make with your children telling them a Xmas story

This wreath is very simple and you can make it with your children quickly. Choose all items accurately. You'll need a soft-touch ring, a long gold ribbon and soft-sculpture fabric elk for your Holiday decoration. You'll be able to use the elk for other decorations in the following years.

Elk Christmas wreath
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Elk Christmas wreath

You'll need

  • - A foam or polystyrene wreath (cm 24 - 9 1/2 inches diameter)
  • - m 5 (5 1/2 yard) golden ribbon; cm 4 - 1 1/2" in width
  • - A soft-sculpture fabric elk
  • - Felt of different colors (red, orange, pale and dark green)
  • - Colored wooden beads
  • - 3 Christmas balls whose colors are well combined with felt
  • - Golden cord
  • - Pins
  • - Needle and thread
  • - Scissors
  • - White paper
  • - Resistant nylon thread

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How to make a Christmas wreath for children room or main door with Santa's elk

  • - Wind your ribbon around the wreath to cover it perfectly.
    Fix ribbon to the foam with some pins.
    Let the last part of the ribbon hangs from the wreath.
  • - Fix the elk using some pins.
  • - Prepare the flower.
    Draw 4 outlines of flowers with five petals whose dimensions must be smaller and smaller.
    Use them to cut out your flower from the felt.
    In the same way make 2 leaves: one leave must be pale green, the other dark green.
    Look at the photo and its enlargement for more details.
    Sew all the pieces together fixing the beads in the center.
  • - Insert your flower on the wreath with some pins.
  • - Link together Christmas balls using the golden cord so that they can hang from the wreath with different lengths.
    Fix the cord to the wreath with the pins.
  • - Your decoration is ready! Hang it to the main door or to a wall of the children room or where you prefer.
  • - To hang your Christmas decoration: bind fast the upper part of your wreath with a very long nylon thread piece and tie it to the handle of the opposite side by passing it over the door.