Befana on the besom

Befana is a kindly old woman who brings gifts to Italian children in the Epiphany Eve

I've already used a besom as Christmas decoration (link below). In this case I use it for Italian Befana, an old tradition of Epiphany in Italy. This is also an example for learning how to reutilize old Christmas decorations. You could use the same template for a witch to make for Halloween party too. Let your children help you!

Handmade Italian Befana
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Befana on the besom

You'll need

  • - A golden besom
  • - 1 black foam rubber sheet ( Gütermann products)
  • - Red, grey, green, rose, brown and yellow felt
  • - m 2 red ribbon with gold decorations, not transparent
  • - Green pailettes (sequins)
  • - 4 red transparent beads
  • - 4 iridescent pearls
  • - 1 faceted transparent button
  • - Gold and red glitter pen
  • - Gold thread
  • - A little piece of very thin wire
  • - Scissors
  • - Polyvinyl acetate glue

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La befana sulla scopa

How to make an old woman on the besom with children's help suitable for Halloween too

  • - Download and print Befana template.
    You can use the same template for Halloween witch decorations. It's enough to change colors and clothes!
  • - Use this template to cut out the whole shape from the foam rubber.
    If you don't find foam rubber, you can also use black cardboard.
  • - Make two little holes in the center and let a little piece of wire pass through them.
    You'll use it to fix your befana to the besom.
  • - Cut out the hat from red felt.
    The face, hand and anklef rom the rose felt.
    The shoe, hair and blouse from the grey felt.
    The skirt from the green felt.
    The broom from the yellow felt.
    The two pieces of the broomstick from the brown felt.
  • - To make your work easier I suggest you to cut out all the pieces from the shape.
  • - Glue all pieces on the black foam rubber.
    Glue red beads on the base of the hat and iridescent pearls on the blouse and sleeve as buttons.
    Glue green paillettes on the skirt.
  • - Draw some arabesques on the blouse with the glitter pens.
  • - Halve the ribbon.
    Wind one half round the neck and then glue the end at the back of the hat. So it will look like a great scarf.
  • - Cut the golden thread into little pieces and glue them on the broom.
  • - Complete the shoe with the button.
  • - Fix befana to the besom with the wire.
  • - Look at the photo and its enlargement for more details.
  • - Tie the second half of the ribbon to the stick of the besom.
  • - Your decoration is ready!
  • - Place it in your hall, near main door or in your children room or where your fancy suggests to you.
  • - It's very nice and all people will envy you for your decoration!

Download befana template (WMF o GIF)

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