Simple Christmas windowsill decoration

Nice Christmas ornament for your windowsills. You'll need only lace and little balls

Would you like a simple Christmas decoration in every room? Do you have no space for Christmas tree but you don't want to renounce to Christmas decorations? Here it is the solution: Christmas balls linked with a gold zig zag and fixed on the windowsill! It's easy-to-do!

Decoration for windowsill: house decorations for Christmas
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Nice Christmas ornament for windowsills

You'll need

  • - 5 meters (195in) white cotton lace, 1/2 " wide
  • - 3 meters (117in) gold zig zag
  • - Christmas balls
  • - Extra strong glue
  • - Transparent adhesive tape or Patafix
  • - Scissors

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Simple handmade Christmas windowsill decoration How-To

  • - Choose Christmas balls with colors well paired with predominant colors of your room.
  • - Then choose lace and cord according to these colors.
  • - Cut out 2 metres (78in) from lace and then in pieces long enough to be glued around the top of a Christmas ball, pleating it.
  • - Link all Christmas balls with remaining lace and zig zag.
  • - Look at the photo and its enlargement for more details.
  • - Fix Christmas ball ornament on the windowsill with adhesive tape or patafix.