Handmade little Christmas tree with pot pourri

Christmas tree on cone-shaped floral foam with berries and pot pourri

This little Christmas tree is very nice and it can also be fragrant if you choose perfumed pot pourri. But be careful: you should buy sentless pot pourri if you want to use this tree as Christmas centerpiece! You can place this ornament for Holiday season on a bureau, a chest, a table and use as decor even all winter.

Christmas tree with pot pourri, Italian-style
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Handmade little Christmas tree with pot pourri

You'll need

  • - A crystal epergne
  • - A pot pourri sachet
  • - Little gold bundles of twigs
  • - Two different kinds of artificial red berries, stemmed
  • - Artificial orange berries, stemmed
  • - Little pine cones
  • - Gold little balls
  • - One floral foam cone
  • - T-pins and U-shaped pins or floral wire green 40cm (40in)
  • - Scissors

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How to make a simple Christmas decor with pot pourri

  • - Choose all that you need very carefully.
    For example prefer stemmed berries otherwise you'll have to use T-pins or U-shaped pins or pieces of floral wire and this operation isn't always so simple.
  • - Making this tree will try your patience but the result is very nice as you can see in the photo.
  • - Insert bundles of twigs, red and orange berries, pine cones and some little pieces of pot pourri in the foam cone patchily.
    Look at the photo for more details.
  • - Place your con, once finished, on the epergne and sprinkle around all remaining pot pourri.
  • - Arrange all gold balls among pieces of pot pourri.
    When holiday season is finished you'll be able to keep them away.
    But I think it isn't necessary: gold is in fashion in Italy all year and so you can see gold shoes and purses, gold fabrics and even home fabrics used ever day.