Trimmed pine decorated for Christmas

A little fresh trimmed pine becomes a Christmas tree with few ornaments

This is a nice idea to adobe your house, office or shop if you have no space for the traditional Christmas tree. Adobe a trimmed fresh pine. After Holiday season you'll have a very beautiful green fresh plant.

Fresh trimmed pine as Christmas tree, Italy-style. The photo shows a little pine decorated with Christmas ornaments
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Trimmed pine decorated for Christmas

You'll need

  • - A little fresh trimmed pine or Lemon Cypress
  • - Glittery garland
  • - Straw with the same colour of the pine or green moss
  • - Paper of two colours for the vase (pale and dark)
  • - Golden ribbon
  • - Golden Christmas balls
  • - Different golden Christmas ornaments
  • - Scissors

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How to decorate a trimmed pine and turn it into a nice Christmas tree

  • - Cover pine vase with the two different kinds of paper.
    Tie them around your vase with golden ribbon.
  • - Twist your glittery garland around pine trunk as you can see in the photo.
  • - Arrange green straw (or green moss) on the earth.
  • - Hang golden balls to pine branches with golden ribbon.
    Subdivide ribbon ends and curl them with scissors or a knife.
  • - Hang the other ornaments you've chosen in the same way.
  • - Look at the photo and its enlargement for more details.