Fairy Christmas tree

Christmas tree decorated with handmade ornaments and a fairy: it's her home

Christmas tree idea for kids. A christmas tree decorated by the fairy to turn it into her house. So it must be magic, light and fine as the fairy. Choose what you need according to the fairy style and color. Look at the photo and its enlargement for more details.

Fairy's Christmas tree. A perfect Christmas decoration for children, Italian style
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Fairy Christmas tree

You'll need

  • - Artificial little pine
  • - Sitting fairy
  • - Little Christmas balls of the same color
  • - Green felt, 4 mm in thickness
  • - Little pearls and baguettes
  • - Transparent and opaque pearls of different colors and size
  • - Glitter dust of the same color of Christmas balls
  • - Arista crochet thread metallic (Anchor)
  • - Gold string
  • - Needle
  • - Spray glue
  • - Extra strong glue
  • - Scissors
  • - Needle threader

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How to do handmade ornaments for a little Christmas tree dedicated to fairies

  • - Sprinkle Christmas balls with glue and then roll them in the glitter dust.
    Let them dry very well.
  • - Cut the felt into different shapes: stars, circles, leaves, drops ...
    Then glue little pearls and baguettes (use the extra strong glue).
    Let them dry and then thread into the gold string at regular distance.
    Your felt chain is ready.
  • - Thread the bigger pearls into the gold string at regular distance helping yourself with a needle and a needle threader if necessary.
    Remember to make an overhand knot after every pearl with the string.
    If the hole of pearls is too large secure the thread by going back and forth through the pearl twice or more with needle and thread.
    Pearl chain is ready.
  • - Cut long pieces from Arista crochet thread.
    You have to place them around the pine as a spider's web.
  • - Adobe your pine.
    At first place your fairy.
    Hang all Christmas balls.
    Wind your felt chain around the pine and then pearl chain.
    Al last place the pieces of Anchor thread as a spider's web.
    The Christmas tree is ready!
  • - It is OK for every room but especially for children room in season holiday.
    You can also adobe your children or favor shop with it for Christmastime!