Outdoor Xmas decoration with garland and lights

Lights, garland, berries in different colors run along the wall and ceiling

A very fashionable Christmas decoration for your balcony that all people will admire. It won't go unnoticed, really! This decoration is full of charm seen from all points of view. It was impossible for my husband to make a photo of the whole decoration. So read carefully my directions to learn what to do.

Outdoor Christmas decorations for balcony, Italian style
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Balcony Christmas decorations

You'll need

  • - Outdoor led rope light that features a multi-function control box with lighting patterns (including flashing & chasing modes, slow-fading glow and static modes)
  • - Outdoor multi function LED string lights
  • - Pine garland
  • - Bunches of red, orange and violet berries
  • - Garden wire
  • - Scissors

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How to make a simple outdoor decoration with garland and fairy lights

  • - Important tip: you must have at least two open eye hooks in the ceiling of the balcony and one in the wall where there is the socket.
  • - Begin with the led rope light.
    It must start from the floor near the socket.
    Then make it go along the wall (fix it to the eye hook) until the ceiling.
    At this point hang it on the ceiling twice with the hooks, using garden wire.
    The last long piece must hang free from the ceiling.
  • - Wind the pine garland around the rope light.
    It must be longer than the rope light.
    Tie the pine to the rope with pieces of garden wire.
  • - At this point wind the string lights around, fixing them with little pieces of garden wire.
    Try to hide them among the pine branches.
    The string lights must be longer than the rope light.
  • - The last step is to arrange berries in different colours among the pine branches.
  • - Your outdoor decoration is ready!
  • - Look at the photos for more details.
  • - You have to calculate the amount of all you need according to the length of your balcony.
  • - Use only autdoor rope light and string lights.
  • - It can be a suggestion to adobe also a balcony that overlooks a foyer, a colonnade, a patio, special corners in the garden, even very large rooms.