Handmade Christmas angels

Concert for orchestra and choir. Protagonists: a lot of little angels made by hands

These simple Christmas angels are made with paper egg trays you certainly have at home. They are easy-to-do and cheap. Make them with your kids. What is better than working with your kids to get into the Holidays spirit? I've listed all that you need but you are not obliged to use the same products. I hope your fancy may be inspired by them!

Handmade Christmas angels, easy to do and cheap. They're made with paper egg tray, paper, glue
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Handmade Christmas angels

You'll need

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How to do Christmas angels singing and playng for a different DIY Christmas decoration

  • - Cut your paper egg trays separating every egg holder.
    Round every edge and level the base.
    Surely you'll have some openings. Don't worry: you'll cover them with the next steps.
    Sometimes you can also place one over another to create a taller angel.
    Cut the cleaner tools in pieces: they will be angel's arms.
    Insert them on the sides and fix inside the egg holder with glue.
    Give them a particular position as you can see in the photo.
  • - Spread plaster ready to use on the surface to make it smooth and easy to be colored.
    It allows the colors to show up. Let plaster dry very well.
    Then paint your angels with the acrylic colors you have chosen.
    You can use two colors with the angels made with two egg holders.
    Let the color dry very well and make this step a second time if necessary.
  • - At this point complete every angel's dress.
    Cut off long rectangles from the voile paper as wide as the side openings.
    Pleat the paper repeatedly and fix it on the inside of the openings with some glue.
    It must look like the skirt under the tunic.
    Combine well the colors as you can see in the photos.
    Wind the same voile paper around the cleaner tool pieces to complete the arms.
    Fix the paper to every arm's junction with some glue drops.
  • - Make their heads.
    Draw eyes and mouth with a pen or a pencil.
    Insert the cotton wool ball into a piece of a cleaner tool as long as to fix it in the top of the egg holder too.
    Let a little piece free for the neck.
    Cut off a vey long rectangle from the voile paper as wide as the neck's length.
    Pleat this paper piece repeatedly.
    Brush some glue at the bottom of the head and fix the pleated paper, winding it around the neck, on the head.
  • - Complete the face with the hair.
    Cut off a lot of wool pieces of the same length.
    Tie them.
    Brush the top of the head with glue and place an end of the hair as you can see in the photo.
  • - The last step is making the wings.
    Cut them off from a white paper.
    Tear the voile paper, brush with the glue the angel's wings and glue the voile paper pieces on them.
    Make the same step on both sides.
    Glue the wings on the angel's back.
  • - Your Christmas angel is ready!
  • - If you like my orchestra and choir you can make them easily.
    You can find musical instruments easily in scrapbooking shops.
    I used Art-Work products.
    Make the score with little pieces of white paper and draw staves and notes approximatively.
    Prepare the sky in this way.
    Turn upside down a cake tray, cover its surface with blue paper, glue some little stars.
    Arrange all the angels on the tray and place pieces of cotton wool among them to imitate clouds.
  • - Below you can see other details of my angels.
  • - Work on them with your kids! They will be very happy to plan Holidays party with you. These angels are easy-to-do and can be made by kids too!
  • - Use these angels for decorating a piece of furniture or as a simple place card or a centerpiece in your Christmas table. Why don't you make them as Christmas tree ornaments?
  • - Another idea: use them as an original menu card. Make little cards. Write on everyone a course of your Christmas menu and glue it between the arms af an angel. Place all the angels on the center of your table. Nice idea, isn't it?

As you can see the angel's head can be bent to have a touch of reality.
You can note the white skirt under the red or orange tunic and wings in the same colours.

Other angels in details. They're playing the guitar and bass. Note their hair tied with long strips of voile paper.

This is the choir made with three egg holders that I didn't separate one from another.
These angels are red and white. Two of them have a score in their hands while one holds a microphone.
Look at the detail of the gold notes on their dress. They are included in the Art-Work packet.

Finally you can see the conductor. It's serious. The eyes are closed for the concentration, the head bent backwards.
Make the baton in this way: cut a longer piece of cleaner tool. Wind the voile paper around half the piece and let free the remaining piece.