Moon and angels on the door

Simple D.I.Y. Christmas decorating idea for your main door

Look well at this craft decorating idea for your main door. Isn't it nice and original? very different from the classical wreath? if you are looking for a new and orginal idea for Holiday Seson this could be your choice. I used Italian equipment by TO-DO, an Italian northern factory but you can make it easily choosing decoupage paper with front-and-back designs and something where to glue these images: very thin plywood (to be cut with scissors) or foam rubber sheet. In this way you can have angels well made on both sides.

craft ideas for Xmas: angels hanging from the mood on the main door
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Xmas decorating idea with angels and moon

You'll need

  • For the angels
  • - Decoupage paper with front-and-back angel images
  • - Decoupage glue
  • - Brushes
  • - Scissors
  • - Plywood or white foam rubber sheet
  • For the moon
  • - Moon made in polystyrene
  • - Acrylic plaster for decoupage
  • - Acrylic gold color
  • - Golden powder
  • - Spray glue
  • - Brushes
  • and then ...
  • - Transparent nylon thread
  • - Embroidery golden thread

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How to make a Christmas decoration with moon and angels

  • - Angels.
    Cut off the images from the decoupage paper.
    Trace the angel outlines on the support you have chosen.
    Cut off the angels from the support
    Glue the angel images on the support and let them dry very well.
    Remember to make a little hole for hanging your angels.
    In case refine with gold color the thckness between the two images.
    Look at the photo and its enlargement for more details.
  • - Moon. Spread a layer of plaster on the moon surface and let it dry very well.
    Then paint the moon with the acrylic gold color and let it dry very well.
    Spray the glue and sprinkle the golden powder.
    Let it dry very well.
    Your moon is ready!
  • - The last step.
    Hang the angels to the moon, as you can see on the photo, using the golden thread.
    Run the thread into the moon helping yourself with a big needle.
    To hang the moon together with the angels: cut a very long piece of nylon thread and run it into the top of the moon with a needle.
    Make the thread, doubled, pass on the top of the door and fix it on the inside handle.
    Your Christmas decoration is ready!
  • - You can hang the moon and angels on the inside window or a wall, in other words where your fancy suggests to you.
  • - In the same way you could adobe your Christmas tree. You need few angels to make a beautiful decoration.