The Art of Receiving Guests

Italian wall Christmas decorations

I like to decorate my front door at Christmas time. It welcomes us and then all our guests. I do not make always the traditional wreath. Here are some other craft ideas from the most common to the most innovative. I've also added decorating ideas for walls because space in modern apartments are smaller and smaller and so you need to find alternatives to bulky decorations.

Cornucopia decorated for Christmas with flowers and fruit
Wall Christmas cornucopia

Wall or door Christmas decorations different from garlands

If you don't like the usual wreath particularly or are tired of it here you can find different ideas for decorating your main door at Christmas. The same decorations can also be hung indoors, on your walls. There are proposals to decorate pine branches, a hand-painted linen panel, polystyrene angels and moon properly treated, a very versatile feather boa, a golden broom that has been a source of inspiration and other decorations for New Year's Eve.

DIY Christmas decoration ideas for main door or indoor walls

The picture

Little panel for Christmas main door with decoupage technique

I like to change my Xmas decorations every year, main door included. What about this picture? it is made gluing a rice paper with winter landscape on a canvas and then emphasizing some details. Easy to do! Craft idea for children too!

Moon and angels

Moon and angels on the door, handmade Christmas decoration

This is not difficult as you can think. You will find all the necessary information about tools and material on the page. The important thing is, I always say, to find a starting point. It isn't said your decoration should be absolutely the same as you see in the photo. Do you agree?

New year' s eve decoration

New years eve decoration

Even New Year is an important moment of Holiday Season. If you like to decorate your home for all occasions this is a nice, not-difficult-to-make idea. You can also ask help to your kids.

Red decoration (ideal for New year)

New year's  eve door decoration

On the door, to welcome your guests, there are: a red ribbon around it, an elf, a pine branch decorated with red ornaments and a greeting bunch of grapes.

Fresh pine branch with red decorations

Fresh pine decorated with Christmas balls and red ribbons

If you like fresh pine and do not have much time, this idea can be the right solution to decorate the front door of your home, office or shop.

Fresh pine branch with white ornaments

Decorated Christmas pine for door - 2

Another idea with fresh pine, garnished with colors different from the previous version. The choice at this point is all yours and depends on your personal taste or what you have at home.

Fresh pine branch with the elf

Decorated Christmas pine for door with an elf for children

Another idea for a fresh pine branch whose subject is different from the previous one. If you have children this can be a nice idea. I used the same elf on several occasions at Christmas time. Do you recognize this? I used it to decorate the door at New Year's Eve ;)

Pine branch with golden decorations

Decorated branch pine for Christmas door

I prefer Christmas ornaments when they are refined like this one. Its golden stuff sparkle discreetly among the branches. Do you agree?

Christmas ceiling wreath with pink ornaments

wreath hung to the ceiling and decorated with pink ornaments

This is an unusual way to adobe and place a wreath, isn't it?

Hang your wreath to the ceiling and arrange the ornaments you prefer as it were a Christmas tree. I like it very much and you?

Handmade linen panel

Hand-painted Christmas  panel  with reindeers

This panel is made with linen and hand painted. It is no longer difficult to paint fabric for me that I do not know technical details and at school I was able to hold a pencil in my hand barely ;)
With templates for all decorations everyone can become an artist. I joke, of course. Artist is a big word. Anyway, this panel was very nice. An unusual way to decorate, isn't it?

The wicker pannier (gerla)

Christmas wicker pannier flilled with flowers and fruit

If you have an old pannier, this is the ideal moment to fill it with ornaments that remember us winter woods.
I hung it between two doors but you can place it according to your own fancy

Trouble-shooting besom

Christmas besom, a greeting message on your door

I think this is one of my craft project. He had a lot of success. I still use this broom after ten years with other ornaments! For example it is also the support for my Befana. I liked immediately this golden broom and I still like it! Definitely, it will turn into other Christmas decorations in the next years.

Feathers at Christmas

Purple feather boa around a mirror: nice Christmas decoration

A nice feather boa may also embellish your house in this period. Interesting, isn't it? When I saw it I thought it was irresistible. Feathers are in fashion and this color is trendy. It helped me for framing the mirror you can see on the photo but also to create the most beautiful of my Christmas trees (spiral Christmas tree).

White flowers

silk roses and hydrangeas on pine for a door Christmas decoration, reusable in the next years

For people who love white color. Another trend idea. Topical in recent years. Easy and quick to do.

snowy pine with white and silver ornaments

Christmas door decoration with snowy pine and jewel balls

Pine is certainly the most widely used media in this season. If snowy, as suggested by the trend of the moment, it is even better. Here's another idea to decorate your door in shades of white and silver. More precious, however ... take a look at its balls!