Decorated Christmas pine for door

New exclusive Xmas door decoration with real pine-tree branch, silk flowers and birds

What about decorating your front door or office door or shop window in alternative way to the classic Christmas wreath? Easy-to-do, quick-to-do decoration. You can also use some recycled ornaments without spending a lot of money.

Decorated pine-tree branch for Xmas door
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Alternative decorating ideas to the classic Xmas wreath

You will need

  • - Large pine-tree branch
  • - Golden net ribbon
  • - Golden bow
  • - Xmas little bells
  • - Golden birds
  • - White silk flowers with golden finish, long-stemmed
  • - Green florist wire
  • - Resistant nylon thread
  • - Scissors

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In Italy we are used to decorate our front door with real pine-tree branch adorned in very different ways.
This Christmas door decoration I'm going to show you is very simple to do. You can also make it quickly.
But you have to choose carefully its colors to have a nice-to-see decoration.
As you can see on the photo I combined golden and creamy-white ornaments to have a refined and elegant Xmas door decoration.
Golden birds, bells, ribbon and bow are old, recycled decorations. Only silk flowers are a new purchase. Contrary to what you may think they are not very expensive. In Italy we find them easily in the supermarkets over Christmas.
You could replace them with smaller but more numerous flowers.
I give you a starting point. Now think how you can make a similar decoration rummaging through your old ornaments.

The only drawback, working with the real pine, is it deteriorates easily. Generally it survives well for a week or so. Then it must be replaced.
Since it is not treated with anything toxic it can be recycled.

How to decorate a large pine-tree branch with old and new ornaments

  • - Choose a pine-tree branch that will last a long time. Eventually take advice from your florist.
  • - Resize the pine-tree branch according to your needs and your door size.
  • - Begin to place silk flowers trying to hide the stems.
    Secure them with green florist wire.
  • - Tie the little bells to the golden bow.
  • - Secure the golden bow on the top using the green florist wire.
  • - Insert the golden net ribbon among the flower stems to hide them better.
  • - Place the birds.
  • - Your Xmas decoration is ready!

To hang your Christmas decoration: bind fast the end of the pine branch in two or three points with some very long nylon thread pieces and tie them together to the handle of the opposite side by passing them over the door.