Decorated Christmas pine for door

A real pine-tree ranch, an elf, silk flowers, golden net: ready in few minutes!

An elf is seated on a pine branch, surrounded by beautiful flowers and protected by a golden net. Why is he there? what happened to him? imagine his story with your children while you're making this simple Christmas decoration. This is the best way to enter the Holiday spirit ;)

how to use an elf for Christmas crafts
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Door Christmas decoration: an elf on the pine-tree branch

You will need

  • - Large pine-tree branch
  • - An elf
  • - Golden net ribbon
  • - Christmas flowers with golden finish, short-stemmed
  • - Christmas flowers or other ornaments with little colored stones
  • - Green florist wire
  • - Resistant nylon thread
  • - Scissors

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How to decorate a real pine-tree branch with an elf for your Christmas door or window shop

  • - Choose a pine-tree branch that will last a long time. Eventually take advice from your florist.
  • - Resize the pine-tree branch according to your needs and door size.
  • - Begin your decoration placing the elf and securing it with little pieces of green florist wire in hidden points.
  • - Continue with the flowers trying to hide them among the pine leaves.
    Use always the green florist wire.
  • - Tie the golden ribbon over the head of the elf and make a nice bow.

That's easy, isn't it? Even a child can do it. 10 minutes ... and it's ready!

To hang your Christmas decoration: bind fast the end of the pine branch in two or three points with some very long nylon thread pieces and tie them together to the handle of the opposite side by passing them over the door.