White Christmas arrangement

How to make a Christmas arrangement with fairy lights

This Christmas arrangement that you can see on the photo is very delicate and charming. The color in fashion for Christmas is white and white reigns supreme according to my own interpretation. It is not difficult to do it. Just choose well the different branches you'll have to use. The white lights create the atmosphere of an enchanted forest.

White xmas arrangement
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White Christmas arrangement with fairy lights

You will need

  • - 8" Low Round Glass Bowl, 8" Dia. x 6"H
  • - Sands for flower arrangements with different colors and grain (violet, green, white)
  • - Fluff of synthetic snow
  • - Synthetic pine branches
  • - Synthetic snow-covered branches
  • - White Christmas flowers
  • - Synthetic leafless branches with ice effect
  • - Chains with pending crystal and white spheres
  • - Sprigs of rose fern
  • - Violet branch with berries
  • - At least 2 strings of battery operated white fairy lights
  • - Scissors

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The hardest part of this Christmas arrangement is to choose branches and ornaments that must pair very well. So I suggest you to buy or to choose all them together. Choose mostly white branches but try to give a touch of color too. As you can see from the photos and the videos I added sprigs of rose fern and a violet sprig with berries.

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White Christmas composition, light off

How to make a Christmas arrangement with fairy lights

  • - Pour the sands into the bowl beginning with a color and continuing with the others.
    I chose white sands with different grain. The last layer consists of large transparent crystals.
  • - Think first how to arrange the various branches.
    The presence of the sand will not allow you to make changes later.
  • - Then level all the branches before inserting them into the sand.
  • - Arrange the branches in a harmonious way.
  • - Camouflage the strings of fairy lights as much as possible and place the holder in hidden places so you can turn on and off them when and how you want.
  • - Put a little of artificial snow on the last layer of sand between the branches, it will help to camouflage all better.
  • - Look at the photos and video for more details.