Eco-friendly Christmas tree

The Christmas tree decorations are made with materials to be recycled

Do you see this Christmas tree? Cute, isn't it? Well, its ornaments are made with the Tetra Pak packaging of fruit juices, canned vegetables, wine and milk. Its garlands with plastic water bottles, cut in a spiral. This is the true Christmas at no cost, ideal for those who want to protect the environment.

Christmas tree to be made with recycling materials
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Eco-friendly Christmas tree

You will need

  • - Empty and well washed packaging in Tetra Pak
  • - Plastic water bottles
  • - Snowflake, fir and angel patterns
  • - Scissors
  • - Pata-Fix
  • - Stapler
  • - Pen

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How to make your Christmas tree with recycling materials

  • - You need only few words to understand how to make this eco-friendly Christmas tree. The linked videos are the best explanation.
  • - Rinse the cartons in Tetra Pak after using them.
    Let them drain well and put apart.
  • - Put aside your empty plastic water bottles. I used light blue bottles as you can see in the photo. But you can also use clear plastic water bottles.
  • - You can choose a fresh or a synthetic pine for your Christmas tree. Both have positive and negative aspects in relation to environmental protection. My husband and I prefer eco-friendly synthetic pine. It is reusable. So we let fresh pines live outside to make photosynthesis.
  • - Download the patterns on this site:
    They are free for personal use.
    I used the smallest patterns. Choose the size according to your Christmas tree.
  • - Look at the video for the details about snowflake and garland How-To.
    Angels and firs are made in the same way.
  • - To make the Tetra Pak flowers: cut out some elongated petals (8 for each flower).
    Overlap and staple them in the center.
    Cover the center with a star (you can easily find its pattern among those you've downloaded) and secure with a piece or more of Pata-Fix.
  • - Once finished the holiday season you can throw all your ornaments in the containers for separate waste collection.