Christmas tree with wool pom poms

Original and new decorating idea for Christmas tree suitable for children

Looking for a new eco-friendly and kid-friendly Christmas tree? what about multicolored pom-poms easy to do? Tell your kids:"this is the way used by an Elf to dress his Christmas tree!" and make it with them. And what are the best colors? choose the colors you prefer. If you want a fashionable Christmas tree, Italian style choose purple combined with pink, green, orange silver or gold. Click on the images to enlarge them for more details.

DIY ornaments for Chrstmas tree
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Christmas tree with wool pom poms

You'll need

  • - Pom-pom maker (Clover)
  • - Yarn or fine wool in different colours
  • - Scissors

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How to do pom-poms for Christmas tree

You will need: pom-pom maker (Clover), scissors, yarn or fine wool in different colours.

As you can see pom-pom maker can be divided into two parts; to combine them you have to insert the pin of the first half into the central hole of the second half.

We used two yarns of different colours. Wind yarns firmly from one end to the other as you can see in the photo.

Finish winding the yarns around the first arm.

Close the first arm and wind the yarn around the second arm. Don't cut the yarns.

Keep on winding the yarns around the second arm firmly.

Align the arms.

Begin cutting the yarns at the gap between the arms.

Keep on cutting the yarns.

This image shows the result of this step.

Tie firmly the pom-pom at the gap between the arms and make a double knot.

Separate the two halves and remove your pom-pom from pom-pom maker.

Fluff to shape and then cut loose ends.
Your pom-pom is ready!

  • - The more colors you use the more beautiful your Christmas tree will be!
  • - Use also Christmas ribbons to make your pom-poms as you can see in the photo.
    The right touch to get into the holiday spirit!
  • - Tie your pom-poms to the pine branches.
    Add some birds and an elf too if liked.
  • - Your Christmas tree is ready!
    Look at the photos for more details.