Outdoor lighted Advent Wreath

Here is a simple but very scenic idea to decorate your terrace or lounge

I have already told you in the section dedicated to Christmas decorations how my husband and I decorated our balcony with an Advent wreath in the past. We used the same basic structure for another type of decoration with fashionable colors: white and green. It was necessary to renew the lights that were not working anymore. Change for change I really renovated everything. I must say I love it very much. What about it?

outdoor Christmmas wreath hanging from the ceiling
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Outdoor Advent wreath

You'll need

  • - Support: look at the page dedicated to the other Advent wreath (diameter: 66 cm) for material and tools
  • - Pine garland, 2.40m long
  • - Outdoor LED snow drop lights (about two meters in length)
  • - Christmas ornaments such as white snowflakes
  • - Cotton wool
  • - Thick white felt cord
  • - Sphere made of transparent material, hollow
  • - Blue LED Christmas lights
  • - Green florist wire

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How to decorate the Advent wreath to hang on the ceiling in fashion colors

  • - You can make the basic structure according to the explanations that I have already described in detail in the other decoration for balcony or buy a ready-to-hang wreath but much more expensive.
    If you prepare the support by hand, the next step is to set lights and pine garland using green florist wire.
    If you buy the ready-to-hang wreath you have to fix your lights that must be camouflaged among pine branches.
    I generally work directly on the wreath hanging from the ceiling because it is much more practical for me.
  • - Arrange cotton wool s you can see in the photo.
  • - Hang snowflakes.
  • - Now work with the sphere.
    Our support is reinforced by two axes that intersect at the center, a good place to hang the sphere in which you have to insert your blue lights.
    Be careful to calculate properly the distance to cover for the outlet.
    Look at the photo and its enlargement for more details.
  • - Your decorated Advent wreath is ready!
    I've kept it for the entire month of January and February (without lights) because I liked it too much!
    What do you think about?