Ceiling Christmas wreath

Let's hang a wreath to the ceiling and decorate it with pink ornaments

It is the fashion of the moment in Italy. Take a garland, hang to the ceiling and use it as a Christmas tree. You can decorate it with everything that you like: balls, flowers, twigs, birds, butterflies ... Isn't it beautiful? My husband and I love it very much.

Ceiling wreath for holiday season, decorated with pink balls, butterflies, flowers, birds
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Ceiling Christmas wreath

You'll need

  • - A wreath of artificial pine whose diameter must be at least 60cm (23.6in)
  • - Christmas balls in pink color with different size, shades and decoration
  • - Butterflies
  • - Birds
  • - Flowers
  • - All that your fancy suggests in this case
  • - Pink ribbon
  • - Snap hook
  • - Wall anchor
  • - Nylon thread (0,5 mm - 0.02in)

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The ceiling wreath you can see is very easy to do. The only difficulty is to choose the ornaments well.
In this case I chose pink not only because the fashionable color this year in Italy but for the main reason I'm very fond of all its shades that combine very well with the green of the pine according to me.
Please note that there are many ways to decorate wreaths hanging from the ceiling. One of the most frequent is to tie Christmas balls with different colored ribbons and lengths.

How to decorate wreaths hanging from the ceiling

  • - You must first hang the wreath to the ceiling and then decorate it. A little uncomfortable but it's really worth :))
    My husband and I used a snap hook to couple to a wall anchor.
    Then we tied three pieces of nylon thread of the same length to the snap hook, linked themselves to the garland in three equidistant points.
  • - At this point you can hang all your ornaments using the ribbon in different length.
  • - Look at the photo for more details.