Magenta centerpiece

Christmas table decoration with pine, balls and flowers

This centerpiece is very easy. Its beauty is in the right combination of its colors. I want only to give you a suggestion: you can make it in your preferred color. First of all, you have to think about the prevalent colors in your table (table cloth and crockery) and then make the choice.

round centerpiece made with pine, balls and flowers in magenta color
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Magenta centerpiece

You'll need

  • - A pine wreath
  • - Frost silk flowers with the right shades
  • - Glittering magenta Christmas balls
  • - A big Christmas ball, covered with a magenta & silver silk cord
  • - Cutting nippers
  • - Scissors
  • - Hot-glue gun

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How to make a magenta centerpiece for Christmas table

  • - Place the pine wreath on a dish or a serving platter.
  • - Place the big ball with the silk cord in its center.
  • - Remove all stalks from flowers.
    Separate flowers and leaves.
    Arrange flowers and leaves among the little branches of pine.
    You can glue them with your hot-glue gun but, if you want to re-use all these decorations, I suggest only to lay them. The same thing for glittered balls.
  • - Look at the photo fo more details!
  • - Your table decoration is ready!