A branch with magnolias for Xmas

You'll need only a synthetic branch, some silk magnolia flowers and colored flakes

This is and ideal decoration for a long and narrow surface as you can see in the photo. Besides it's very easy and quick to do. Even with the help of your children.

Long and narrow Christmas decorations with magnolias sprinkled with colored iridescent flakes
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Xmas decoration with magnolias

You'll need

  • - 1 or 2 synthetic twisted branches
  • - 4 silk magnolias with their leaves
  • - golden ribbon (at least 1 meter - 40in)
  • - artificial snow
  • - iridescent color in flakes
  • - brilliant green color in flakes
  • - spray glue
  • - hot-glue gun
  • - a pair of snips

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DIY Christmas Decoration for Fireplace, shop windows, interior window sills, alcoves ...

  • - Cut off the stems of magnolia flowers using the snips and put apart their leaves too.
  • - Spray them with glue and then sprinkle their leaves with green flakes and flowers with iridescent ones and artificial snow.
  • - At this point glue magnolia flowers and their leaves on your branches with the hot-glue gun.
    Look at the enlarged images for more details.
  • - Let all dry very well and then arrange the ribbon around branches and flowers.
  • - Your decoration is ready!