Christmas tree in the wicker basket

DIY Christmas tree: unusual, easy and very quick to do

If you have not much space at home, you can realize your Christmas tree all the same. You can hang it on the wall everywhere even in the place of a painting. You can adobe a shop window too! You need few minutes to do it. Choose the right basket; the ideal would be giara, in this way we call this kind of basket in Italy. But you could also use a cycle basket.

Christmas tree in the wicker basket
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Christmas tree in the wicker basket

You'll need

  • A wicker basket
  • A pine garland
  • A string of multi-colored Christmas lights
  • Christmas balls of different colors
  • Other decorations
  • Silk ribbons whose colors must be combined with Christmas balls

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  • - Insert the string of Christmas light into the basket but let the half of them stick out from it.
  • - Then insert the garland and fix it to the border of the basket.
    Remember to let it hang outside partially.
  • - Tie the balls you've chosen with the combined silk ribbon to the garland.
    Look at the photo for more details. You can enlarge the photo if you want; it's enough to click on it.
  • - You can add other beautiful ornaments or all your fancy suggests to you.