White Xmas pine with pink ornaments

How to decorate a white pine according to Italian style

We Italians had begun to see white pines only in the last years. In reality, we can see and buy pines of all colors, included black that I do not like. White is very difficult for a Christmas tree because it works well only with cool colors. But I like challenges ;)

Pink ornaments for a white Christmas pine
Christmas white pine decorated with pink ornaments

You'll need

  • - Artificial Christmas white pine
  • - Pink, purple, lilac Christmas balls, decorated in different ways
  • - Assorted pink butterflies
  • - Assorted birds in the same nuances
  • - Silk roses and other flowers for Christmas decorations, with the same colors
  • - Lilac voile ribbon
  • - Set of pink led lights

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How to decorate a white artificial pine for Holiday season

  • - Generally, I begin placing my lights, first inside and then on the branches outwards.
  • - Then, I arrange all other ornaments uniformly.
  • - Look at the photos below for more details.
  • - Once lighted with pink lights, my tree is very beautiful to see.

detail of flowers and balls ona white pine detail of a Xmas tree decorated with pink ornaments Detail of a bird on a Christmas tree, white colored

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