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Assorted antipasto platter ideas

Starter (antipasto) is an unmissable dish in Italy when you have to celebrate or plan a get-together with friends and relatives at home or are at the restaurant. Few people give it up. Generally eating at the restaurant, my husband and I order it followed by a first course or a second course. Menu cards are always so tempting for appetizers ... there are a lot of differences from north to south of Italy. A great variety of proposals according to the season too.

  • Vegetable-and-meat assorted antipasto platter
  • Winter vegetarian assorted starter
  • Assorted fish antipasto platter
  • Antipasto platter with cold cuts and canapes
  • Antipasto platter, Umbria style
  • Stuffed cherry tomatoes

    How serving assorted antipasto platters

    When my husband and I have guests at home, we always try to please friends and relatives who also have their own preferences depending on the place where they were born and live. In our travels in Italy we have acquired the necessary experience to assemble a starter from Sardinia, Piedmont, Tuscany, Puglia ...
    Each region has its own customs and its typical food and they all are very, very good!
    On the contrary, when I'm free to create my own antipasto platter, I rely primarily to the seasonality and my fancy.
    If you have any problem, !

    Traditional, new tested recipes for seasonal and regional Italian appetizers

    Assorted fish antipasto platter

    Assorted fish antipasto, Italian style

    Do you like seafood dishes? looking for an idea to start your only-fish menu? This is a recipe of mine my family and friends like very much.

    Umbrian assorted starter

    assorted Italian antipasto platter, Umbria-style

    Assorted appetizer platter. From well matched and typical cold cuts of central Italy to classic crostini and frittata with black truffles, inevitable in an Umbrian menu.

    Stuffed cherry tomatoes

    stuffed cherry tomatoes

    To make an Italian antipasto is enough to to fill cherry tomatoes! It is a long work but it's worth doing for your closest friends. Want to know the stuffing of tomatoes in the photo? scrambled eggs with bacon and ricotta cheese mixed with salmon ;))

    Autumn assorted dish

    Italian antipasto dish for fall menus

    This plate of assorted appetizers is a great idea to open your full menus in September, October and early November. Its ingredients are: radicchio, grapes, the last flowers of pumpkin and beans. An unusual idea, but everyone who tasted it was enthusiastic.

    Winter vegetarian idea

    Vegetarian starter idea for winter

    This photo makes you understand better than my words. Right?
    Mini frittata made with lentils, single-serving cauliflwer flan, a polenta slice topped with caponata and a radicchio leaf filled with vegetarian Russian salad. Do you like this assorted platter? :))

    Whit cold cuts and canapes

    Assorted antipasto platter with cold cuts and canapes

    It is mouth-watering, isn't it? and it is fast and simple to do, indeed. Take a look at the page!