Authentic Italian Cooking

Chicken, Italy-style

Chicken. This word evokes images of me when I was a child and on Sundays the whole family was used to eat it. In facts my parents have never made me miss the meat every day but they enjoyed it once a week. Other times. Now chicken is the cheapest meat. But be careful to choose it carefully because it is true that the big farms have brought down prices but chicken flavor has changed completely and its meat falls off easily, too easily, from the bone. The growth timing no longer respects natural rhythms and their food is made with who knows what ... so the best chicken? organic, without any doubt!

  • Chicken cacciatore, Italy-style
  • Chicken galantine
  • Chicken in the brick
  • Meatloaf in savoy cabbage leaves
  • Mustard-flavored chicken salad
  • Roasted chicken salad

    Chicken, why to choose it?

    Some of you may be wondering, if it is true what I have just written in my introduction, is it still worth the choice for this kind of meat?
    Definitely, yes!
    Much better the white meat rather than the red one. All medical studies say this. But you have to remove all the visible panniculus of fat and skin. Unless you're lucky enough to find the so-called free-range chickens, not only raised on the ground but also fed with wet mash and grain, as it was made once.
    Any way, avoid too many ingredients and prefer simple cooking. And accompany always your chicken with a rich seasonal vegetable side dish.

    Chicken recipes, listed according to their cooking method, main ingredients and eventual Italian name

    In the pot, tomato and onion, Cacciatora-style

    Cacciatora chicken, Italy-style

    This recipe is well known all over the world. It is very easy to do and requires very few ingredients. Low-fat and low-calorie dish. To be served with polenta too.

    Pan-fried, croquettes

    Chicken croquettes

    Everyone likes croquettes. They are made with cotto ham, bechamel sauce and button mushrooms. Interested in?

    Boiled, assorted salami and pistachio, galantine

    Chicken galantine

    It's a very refined but long to do and elaborated recipe. If you want to astonish your guests, I suggest it. You'll knock down your envious friends!

    In the brick, prosciutto, alla creta

    Chicken in the brick

    You'll need very few ingredients and no dressing. So, if you remove chicken skin and use the suggested doses, this is a low-fat recipe.

    Marinated and cooked in the skillet

    Marinated chicken breasts

    Breast in a piece is marinated, cut into slices and then cooked. Low calorie recipe for all people who want to eat healthy and tasty!

    Boiled meatloaf, prosciutto and bulghur, wrapped in savoy cabbage leaves

    Meatloaf in savoy cabbage leaves

    Another tasty but low fat and calorie recipe. Ideal for your weekly family menus in autumn and winter.

    Boiled, mustard-flavored salad, carrots and potatoes

    Mustard-flavored  chicken salad

    The simplest way to make a chicken salad is to boil and combine it with assorted vegetables (in this case carrots and potatoes). The most difficult thing is to find the right dressing. Test my tip: add mustard. Yummy!

    salad, cherry tomatoes and potatoes

    Roasted chicken salad

    Roasted chicken is boned and combined with the other ingredients. Easy and quick to do. For your meal, buffet-style or summer dinner menus!