Authentic Italian Cooking

Turkey, Italy-style

Once turkey was not so widespread in Italy. It was bred especially for Holiday season when it was filled and baked whole. It was easier to find the chicken meat. Nowadays turkey farms are very big, its meat is economic and so you can buy all kinds of cuts throughout the year. Its meat is present in my weekly family plan at least once if not twice. Anyway I prefer to buy guaranteed meat of animals that have not eaten food from GMOs.

  • Turkey Aspic
  • Filled and rolled turkey thigh
  • Rolled roast turkey breast filled with frankfurter and mushrooms
  • Meat-and-fig-stuffed turkey
  • Meatball stew with potatoes and peppers
  • Pomegranate-flavored turkey breast
  • Turkey salad
  • Roast turkey breast roll

    Turkey, a mine of nutrients!

    Its meat is richer in proteins (with branched chain amino acids, so important for muscle metabolism) and low in fat (including cholesterol) compared to other captive birds. This is already a good news, right?
    Then its meat is white, absolutely to be preferred compared to the red one now shown as a negative element to the human health and environment. In addition to the portfolio, I might add ;) The turkey is really much cheaper.
    Another advantage is its bioavailable iron, more or less the same present in red meat.
    Then it is easier to digest. It is suitable for many different recipes if only for the richness of its cuts. I cook it very often with fruit, also reducing the amount of fat in the dressing.
    What more do you want? ;)))

    Turkey recipes, listed according to their cooking method and main ingredients

    pot-roast on stove top, filled with seasonal ingredients

    Filled and rolled turkey thigh

    This is a recipe of mine that I make with turkey thigh. It's delicious. I remove its bone and fill with seasonal ingredients. Read more on the page ... ;)

    Pot-roast on stove top, filled with frankfurter and mushrooms

    Frankfurter turkey roll

    You'll need a large breast slice. Spread a tasty filling and roll it up. Cook in the pot. Delicious and delicate. Ideal for Baptism or other ceremony menus in white.

    Baked whole, stuffed with assorted Meat and dried figs

    Meat-and-fig-stuffed turkey

    This is one of my favorite turkey recipes. And my guests always think the same. You have to try how good is its filling made with dried figs! Ideal for your Christmas and Thanksgiving menus

    Meatballs in the pot, with potatoes and bell peppers

    Meatball stew with potatoes and peppers

    I'm sure people of all ages like meatballs unless they do not have a veggie diet. As you know, nutritionists recommend us not to eat too much red meat and so my husband and I have been eating more white meat for many years. This is one of our summer favorite recipes!

    In the skillet, orange juice

    Orange-flavoured turkey breasts

    Looking for easy and quick to do recipes for your family dinner menus? tired of the usual seared-pan breast slice? test this recipe of mine and then let me know your comment!

    Pot-roast on stove top, pomegranate juice and prosecco

    Pomegranate-flavored turkey breast

    This is a refined recipe for your get-togethers or formal menus. It's to die for, really! Winter dish, ideal for Holiday Season too!

    Pot-roast on stove top, stuffed with red cabbage, pumpkin and sausage

    Roast turkey breast roll

    Turkey breast in a slice is filled, rolled up and cooked together with mushrooms in the pot. It is a typical dish of autumn, laborious but very good and scenic. Prepare it for lunch or dinner as well as for formal occasions in the family. I "created" it for a birthday dinner and it was a success.

    Marinated and boiled, with herbs

    Simple to do and healthy recipe made with breast, for all ages. Low calorie and low fat recipe.

    In the skillet, roulades filled with bacon

    Easy and quick to do. Low cost recipe to change the usual breast slices cooked in the pan for your family dinner menu.

    Salad, bell pepper firm mousse

    Turkey salad

    This is a very unusual summer salad. You have to read the recipe directions to understand well. Be sure you'll astonish your guests!