Authentic Italian Cooking

Italian Xmas recipes: seafood pasta

Christmas and New Year's Eve dinner parties in Italy are often fish-only menus. So we have a lot of traditional recipes to enjoy at Holiday season!

lobster linguini in a white plate
Lobster linguini, Italian style

Typically the fish counter in the days immediately preceding Christmas is very rich in Italy. Eels, oysters, clams, mussels, cockles, prestigious shellfish like lobster, fine fish such as monkfish, redfish, amberjack ... are shown immersed in a sea of ice. And so often we Italians forget the fish of our seas, that is better and cheaper.
Read my proposals. You will find traditional Christmas recipes and my exclusive creations that my guests generally appreciate very much and that are well tested.

Seafood pasta recipes for your Holiday menus

Calamarata with squids

pasta calamarata with squid sauce

Calamarata pasta has a very strange shape. It reminds paccheri. I show you my sauce to dress this kind of pasta made with squids. Without tomato, it is ideal for a full menu, Italian style.

Fettuccini with caviar

Fettuccini with caviar sauce

Generally, I use typical Christmas ingredients. Lumpfish roe or real caviar (if you prefer), quail eggs, grilled red and yellow peppers ... A great pasta dish, perfect for a full fish-only menu.

Fettuccini with smoked eel sauce

Smoked eel fettuccini

This is a very simple recipe but I have to say that the simplier you cook an ingredient the better you eat because if it is of good quality, you need little else to flavor it ;))

Lobster linguini

lobster linguini

This is one of the best pasta dish, for sure. It is very beautiful to see but it has a great problem: cleaning the lobster ;))

Lobster and artichoke linguini

Linguini with artichokes and lobster

I like the combination crustaceans and artichokes very much. Artichokes are in season in Italy at Christmastime but you could use frozen artichokes too if you do not find them.

Linguini with scampi and seafood

Linguini with scampi

Typical recipe of Campania, not to be missed in your Christmas menus if you want to prepare a seafood pasta, nice to see and tasty to eat ;)) Its ingredients? mussels, clams, scampi and crabmeat.

Pasta with 2 salmons and artichokes

Pasta with smoked andfresh salmon plus artichokes

This is a fantastic fish pasta. It is not said that eating well at Christmas means spending a lot and choosing only lobster or caviar. With a little fantasy ... you can eat divinely. One of my best recipes!

Pasta with shrimps, trout and red lumpfish roe

Pasta with shrimps, trout and red lumpfish roe

Do you like it? very simple to do, beautiful to see and tasty. The combination of its ingredients is very important. In this case I paired marine crustaceans with river fish and their eggs.

Ravioli: special stuffings

What about salmon and potatoes? anchovies? swordfish? spinach and smoked sea bass?
They all are recipes of mine.

Egg spaghetti with shrimps and artichokes

chitarra spaghetti with shrimp and artichoke sauce

Few ingredients, easy to do but fantastic!
It is beautiful to see too!
But you have to make it at the last moment.

Pasta with shrimps and cotto ham

Fresh pasta dressed with shrimp and cotto ham sauce

In this period of the year I use a lot of shrimps. I like them very much and think they are ideal for pasta dishes. Have you ever tested shrimps combined with cotto ham? delicious!

Salmon tagliatelle

salmon tagliatelle

Salmon is a right choice for Christmas menus. This is a very simple and quick recipe to do.

King prawn tagliatelle

shrimp tagliatelle

You do not need a lot of ingredients for this fantastic pasta dish.
It is ideal for a full fish-only menu.

Tagliatelle with radicchio and swordfish

radicchio and swordfish tagliatelle

Generally, I use emmer tagliatelle for this pasta recipe. Radicchio is a healthy vegetable that belongs to purple group. In this dish smoked swordfish is not necessary. So it is a healthy dish, perfect for people who want to celebrate this way.

Tagliatelle with smoked sturgeon

Smoked sturgeon tagliatelle

Dried tagliatelle, sliced smoked sturgeon, some aromatic herbs and canned tomatoes. It's very simple with a very short list of ingredients. Few ingredients that do not cover sturgeon taste. Sturgeon is a very delicate fish ... too easy to ruin its taste.

Tagliatelle with prawns and bell peppers

Prawn and bell pepper tagliatelle

Fresh egg tagliatelle, green for the presence of spinachin the dough, prawns, lumpfish roe, grilled bell peppers and leeks. Two tastes of the garden and two tastes of the water ... fantastic!

Taglierini with artichokes and shrimps

taglierini dressed withshrimp and artichoke sauce

This is another simple and quick to do dish. Two main ingredients as you can read in the name for this recipe. To be done with frozen artichokes too!