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Italian Christmas recipes

roast beef, stuffed and rolled for Christmas menu
Rolled stuffed roast beef

New and traditional recipes for all your dinner and lunch menus in Holiday Season: Christmas Eve and Christmas day, New Year's Eve and New Year's day and all occasions.


Salmon carpaccio

Authentic recipes from north to south of our country. They all respect the most common traditions. In fact while in the north meat is the main ingredient, the opposite happens in the south where the fish is the star.

Pasta with meat sauce

fettuccini with chicken livers

What do you prefer? agnolotti, ravioli, cappelletti, lasagna, fettuccini, timbales, the famous macaroni timpano or maybe pappardelle with hare sauce?

Pasta with seafood sauce

linguini with lobster sauce

Lobster, amberjack, scallops, shrimp scampi, prawns, tuna, swordfish, salmon ... expensive or not, they can not be missed in a fish-only menu.

Rice dishes

risotto with chestnuts and sausage

Mushrooms, black truffles, goose salami, smoked sturgeon, grapes, sparkling wine ... are some of the ingredients you'll find in fantastic risotto recipes, designed for Holiday Season and other important occasions!

Veggie rice and pasta ideas

Pumpkin ravioli

Here I quote only two of them: cocoa tagliatelle with cream and nut sauce and then risotto with porcini mushrooms. But there are many other equally greedy!

Meat dishes

Pomegranate pot-roast turkey

You will find everything in this directory. Delicious recipes with duck, rabbit, deer, venison, guinea fowl, turkey ... All special!

Seafood dishes

amberjack stew

What are the most popular fish dishes for Christmas in Italy? I think in a seaside country like ours there is a large choice. Besides the habits in the north and south are very different, except for salt cod ;)

Side dishes

cauliflower mini flan

The side dish can be different from the usual as the cauliflower flan you see in the picture, and that, among other things, can also be served as an appetizer.

Cakes and treats

Christmas log

They are very famous all over the world, right? we show you how to make panettone, Christmas biscuits, pandoro ... at home in the easiest possible way ;)