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Recipes with pesto

pesto sauce
Pesto sauce

Ideas to use pesto sauce in an alternative way

So creamy and tasty as it is, it's obvious you can use it not only to dress pasta :))
In fact in Italy we add it to minestrone (vegetable soup) especially its summer version, spread it on crostini, make the topping for pizza and add it to other vegetables for richer pasta sauce.

Pesto sauce and its recipes

Vegetable soup with pesto sauce

I think this vegetable soup is creamier and tastier than the traditional recipe. Try it!

The traditional recipe

Pesto sauce. Genoa-style

Is this the authentic recipe as it is made in Genoa? You have to know that this issue is very controversial because there are a lot of versions but what you can read here is the recipe by the Academy of Italian cuisine.

The famous trenette

Pasta tossed with pesto sauce

Trenette is the best shape to enjoy this pasta sauce and the most used ;))