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Parsley and potatoes soup, mackerels and green salad
(Parsley and potatoes soup, mackerels and green salad)

Authentic Italian recipe -
  • Time:
    preparation: about 1 h
    cooking: about 1 h
  • Difficulty:
    easy recipe

This menu is very easy to do and it's rich of Mediterranean flavors.
Its recipes are thought for 2-3 people but it's easy to modify the quantities. In every case, if you have any problem, email us!
Some advice for its realization! Fish must be boiled in a court-bouillon that can be prepared some hours before. In this way, while you are preparing the ingredients for the soup, you can bring to the boil the court-bouillon and then cook your mackerels. So fish will be able to cool down in the cooking water while the soup is cooking. In the same time you could clean and wash your salad greens. The following step is taking away mackerels from the cooking water, removing their fishbone and arranging them on the dishes. At this point, while soup is cooling down, you can season salad and fish.
Take all the dishes to the table; it isn't necessary to leave the table any more.
All the time you need for realizing this menu is about 90 minutes.

Greetings from Italy!