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Easy Christmas fish menu, Italian style

Christmas/New Year's Eve easy menu idea

Italian Holiday Season fish-based menu with aperitivo, antipasto, Salmon tagliatelle, Citrus-flavored grouper fillets accompanied by green salad, seasonal fruit salad, dried fruit and Italian panettone.


  • - In Italy we have the habit to plan a fish-only menu at Christmas Eve. This happens in a lot of regions, from north to south.
  • - This is a very easy to do menu. It is not necessary to be experienced cooks to prepare it. I know very well how difficult it is to choose, clean and cook fish for a lot of people. I hope to satisfy many of you.
    Besides, I chose refined, typical fishes for Holiday Season, without too many thorns. In fact, I tried to combine the different courses thinking that all the family, young and old people, are around the table at Christmas Eve.
  • - Aperitivo is typical of Italian lifestyle. Serve it while your guests are still standing and match the same prosecco you'll serve in your menu.
  • - Smoked tuna, swordfish and salmon are in slices, bought ready to eat but there is a secret to serve them in an unusual way: sprinkling them with orange juice some minutes before serving.
    Citrus juice is used in other dishes too as you can read in every recipe directions.
    You can buy polenta ready to eat. It's easy to slice and your dish will be ready in few minutes.
  • - If you do not want to use salmon to toss your tgliatelle, you could replace it with smoked sturgeon. Read more on tagliatelle with smoked sturgeon.
  • - Grouper fillets are cooked in the pan with olive oil, green or black olives and orange and tangerine juice. They taste fantastic and are not heavy to digest.
  • - Dessert consists on more dishes: fruit salad accompanied by lemon ice-cream (no custard and cream after a fish-only menu), Italian panettone (follow the link if you want to make it at home) and assorted dried fruit!
  • - Enjoy it!
    Not too much work, plenty of good food and lots of fun ;))