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Fish-only menu for Holiday Season

Christmas fish-only menu
Italian fish menu for your Holiday Season parties

Holiday Season menu plan

Italian Holiday Season fish-only dinner menu with aperitivo, smoked eel tagliatelle, delicate sturgeon, fresh and candied fruit salads and a lot of sweets.


  • - This menu is well-balanced, refined and with good-quality ingredients but unfortunately not cheap (that's why I planned it just for Holiday Season)
  • - Buck's Fizz cocktail is also known as Mimosa and is made with champagne and orange juice but you could use the same Prosecco I suggest to match to the full menu. It is important not to change too many wines. It is not a big mistake in this case. In Italy we do it often maybe because we Italians are sure that our wines are better than French ones ... ;))
  • - If you want to enrich your aperitivo, you can add to my list other canapes made with sliced and buttered bread, topped with red and black lumpfish eggs, pieces of smoked trout and some mayonnaise and anything else suggested by your imagination.
    Obviously, you have to avoid any kind of meat or salami in a fish menu.
    Canapes are to be prepared in advance.
  • - Prepare zucchini sauce in advance. Cut smoked eel and keep it in the refrigerator, covered with film.
    Cook pasta just before serving. It does not require too much time.
  • - Sturgeon is to be served cold and so prepared ahead.
    Wash and pat dry seasonal salad. Add walnuts. Cut in apples and season just before serving.
  • - Sturgeon and green salad serve 6 and the doses for pasta are for 4 people but in a full menu they are enough for 6 because servings are smaller than usual.
    Make a great number of canapes. Most people like them very much ;))